About Jasmine

My name is Jasmine and I am a very happy girl. I love to play and cuddle. I’m 1-2 years old and I was rescued from a very high kill shelter in Louisiana. We think that I am a golden retriever/yellow lab mix but you call me anything you’d like as long as you don’t call me late for supper.


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  1. Jazzy looks SO comfy!!! Hope every thing is going well! – it looks like they are getting along great so far- England slept ALL DAY LONG after you guys picked Jazz up – I think the non-stop play week finally caught up to her!! Give Jazz a kiss & a pet for us!! – Kelly (& England)

  2. Hi, I am glad to see Jaz is getting along so well in her new home. See I work for the shelter that she came out of. She was a very sweet dog when she came in, and passed the screening that I give all the dogs. Jaz was a very high energy dog, and great with people.
    So many dogs come through here and go into rescue, and I often wonder where they ended up, are they happy, do they have a loving family. So it does my heart good to get pictures, and stories about these wonderful dogs, and their new family. Thank you for loving our girl, and giving her a good home, with a brother. Keep us updated. She looks very happy. Thanks Leah

  3. Dear Leah and Kelly,

    I’m so glad you guys can keep in touch. Jasmine has had a lot of angels thus far and I’m sure she’d love you to remain in her life. Without you guys, she wouldn’t be here, and Sammy would really miss his sister. 🙂

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