The best kisser in the world

Don’t tell Sean I said that.


2 Responses

  1. I had a boyfriend who thought it was “gross” to kiss your dog. So I’d kiss my dog on purpose before going over to his house. Now that we’re broken up, I feel very good about that.

    When I had a husky, she was so beautiful and brilliant white on her white parts. I’d love to put on lipstick and kiss her on the side of her white muzzle.

    I’m strange! 🙂

    St. Bernards do what Jasmine did, as instinct: Lay on a person’s chest then lick their face. That’s how St. Bernards revived people they found in the snow, and kept them warm until the monk rescuers came and took them to the monastery.

  2. Yuck, not a fan of dog slobber. While it looks like love, by lying on top, she’s controlling you and showing you who’s the alpha dog. It’s all about domination.
    But then, I’m sure you already knew who the real boss(es) were.

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