The wee babes

So. An update seems to be in order.

Since we brought Jasmine home three weeks ago, Sam has been the best boy ever. I mean, he was great before she arrived, but he seems less lonely now. And she has been such a little waggly trip. Both of them are fantastic babies, so far very few accidents (maybe two at most) and I’ve only had to dispose of a few chewed up articles of clothing (eh hem, my favorite bra and a pair of feetie pajamas)–oh, and of course, Sam still chews all polyester doggy beds.

Sammy Oscar has taken to crawling into the spare bedroom at night and lounging across the full-size bed as if it is his own for the taking. Some nights he’d rather cuddle with us and we wake up with little room, even less blanket cover, and a huge horse of a pony snoring away with his head on our pillows.

Jasmine prefers a hard bed: the carpet, or the hardwood floor in the hallway next to the warm heating vent. She jumps into bed with us every night for a cuddling session, but soon gravitates to her spot. She is always the first one awake in the morning and we are convinced that she drinks red bulls throughout the night. It isn’t possible to wake up that energized and happy without some sort of caffeinated beverage.

Sam has been listening to us so well and we are sure he understands people talk. When we tell him to go in his cage now, he listens, even if he doesn’t want to go. He’s fallen into the big brother role as if he was born to be her big brother and he loves Jasmine almost as much as she loves him.

In the morning, Jasmine follows me into the bathroom and licks the shower water as I bathe. And then she licks my feet dry while Sammy gives me those puppy dog eyes.

Sean loves them both and calls me at work to tell me how they are progressing. Tonight Sammy actually figured out how to open the slider door and they both ended up running like wild men in the yard. Sean noticed the silence of absent dogs and the breeze entering the living room and panicked. But they both came to him immediately as if they knew their Dad was worried about them.

Every Mama brags about how smart her children are, but really, my babies are extra smart. Maybe a little too smart for their own good. Hopefully soon they’ll learn how to make Sunday morning pancakes for us, and we have our fingers crossed that someday they won’t put us in a retirement home.


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  1. I’m an outside observer but I have to admit, you have the two most wonderfully special and awesome dogs on the planet.

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